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H1 N1 Awareness campaign

Breast feeding awareness program



NATIONAL PROGRAMS -The department of community medicine is actively involved with the government in implementation of various national programs. The students , Interns , Post Graduates and staff have been involved as volunteers, supervisors, monitors and surveillance activity of Intensified Pulse Polio Program since 1995 till date,Mission Indra dhanush since 2014, measles rubella elimination campaign in 2017-18 and Covid 19 contact tracing, vaccination, IEC activities,etc from2020 till date.

Evaluation of Leprosy elimination campaigns, blindness control program,MDA for filaria elimination, JE vaccination coverage, active case finding in tuberculosis, Rabies epidemiological survey in the country and kayakalpa health facility assessment,etc

The department is involved in organizing health camps in the rural and urban field practice area,running of mobile clinics and IEC campaigns.

The department is involved in school and anganwadi health checkup. Health checkup of Orphanage homes, Old age homes, Schools for specially abled and referral services in the urban and rural area.

The Interns and postgraduates enthusiastically contribute in the health care delivery of government health facility like mother and child services, Field surveys ,Investigation of epidemics and IEC activities.

Work in liaison with National and International NGOs.


•Regular outreach eye camps, both rural and urban done to reduce backlog of blindness in the community according to the guidelines of D.B.C.S.

•Patients are screened for refractive errors, cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, squint and corneal pathologies.

•Patients are brought to our institute, operated on priority and fitness.

•School screening programs are also conducted.

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