Body Donation

BODY DONATION-For use in education and research


The time of death lies in the Almighty’s hands. By the noble act of donating one’s body, sense of calmness with the acceptance of reality, the engraving of life for the improved future of the generations to come can be ensured in a scientific and strategized manner. Body donation is described as an act of giving one’s body after death for medical education and research. Human anatomy is one of the core disciplines in undergraduate and postgraduate medical teaching in which cadaver dissection is an essential learning method.

The “FIRST PATIENT’ that a medical novice will encounter is the cadaver. Body donation has emerged as an important way in bridging the gap between need and the provision. Whole body donation provides medical researchers and educators an opportunity to investigate, explore, teach, practice and learn about the diseases and conditions that adversely affect the people and contribute towards medical knowledge, better diagnosis and treatment to help people live longer and healthier lives.

The human body begins to decompose by 6-8 hours after death. Hence after 12-14hrs, the utility of the body for the purpose of medical education and research becomes limited. So the department will be grateful the relatives/friends of the deceased can transport the body to the department within 6 to 10 hours of death. Thereafter the body will be embalmed (chemical preservation) to prevent decomposition. No pre condition for the body donation will be entertained by the institution since we would like to encourage only voluntary body donation

NOTE: Voluntary body donation to a medical College for purposes of serving medical education and research is now permitted by the law of the land( Vide THE Karnataka Anatomy Act, 1957, and The Karnataka Anatomy Amendment Act, 1998).

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