Department of Psychiatry

The department of psychiatry came into existence in the year 1991. After the initiation of a full fledged psychiatric unit with inpatient and outpatient facilities, the post graduate program (M.D.) in psychiatry was started in the year 1998. Till date eight postgraduates have completed their training in the department. Stalwarts in the horizon of Indian psychiatry have headed the department over the years. The department has evolved under the guidance of Dr. C. Shamasunder, Dr. A. Jagadeesh, Dr.N. Janakiramaiah. Dr. C.N.Krishnamurthy,Dr.R.Raguram and is currently headed by Dr.Lakshmi V Pandit.

Mission Statement

The department seeks to provide outstanding education and training in psychiatry to undergraduate medical students and post graduate trainees at KIMS. Our residency program aims at training psychiatrists in preparation for their leadership roles both in the public and private sectors. We also focus on offering the highest caliber of continuing medical education for psychiatrists and other medical practitioners. Our research goals are to develop a deeper understanding of the causes of psychiatric illness, and to create more effective diagnostic, treatment, and prevention strategies for these disorders. We also aim to advance the understanding of psychiatric aspects of medical illnesses. Our clinical mission will integrate state-of-the-art biological, psychological, and social approaches in the care of our patients and their families, as it provides the foundation for our teaching and research missions. In all of the above activities, we shall adhere to the highest ethical standards as we strive to enhance the quality of care for psychological ailments.


Sl No.






1     Dr. Lakshmi V Pandit     Prof & HOD

2     Dr. Manju Aswath     Professor

3     Dr. Kshamaa H G     Assistant Professor

4     Dr.Vathsalya S Gowda     Senior Resident


Dr Lakshmi V Pandit

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Dr Manju Aswath

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Dr Kshamaa H G

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