A fully licensed sophisticated active blood bank is also the  pride of the department.Department of pathology started in the year 1981 has grown gradually and is now well established. It has experienced enthausiastic and inspiring  qualified teaching faculty, creating an interesting and friendly learning atmosphere. The pathology department has two spacious, well lit and ventilated, equipped  practical halls, seminar hall, demonstration room and museum. The practical hall can accommodate about 80 students. Rare and classical specimens received at the department have been archived with system wise categorization at the museum in the department.

The learning material is abundant in the form of specimen, slides, charts, latest books, CD and high quality demonstration microscopes.

The Department of Pathology is engaged in diagnostic work that caters to the KIMSH & RC and private Hospitals from adjacent localities. The Department offers comprehensive services in Histopathology, cytology, clinical pathology, Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence, 24 hours services in hematology and blood bank.

Fetal autopsies and Forensic autopsies specimen interpretation is also carries out in the department.

Sl No.






1 Dr. Suguna B.V Prof & HOD

2 Dr. Kusuma Venkatesh. Professor

3 Dr. Rangaswamy R. Professor

4 Dr. Niveditha S.R. Professor

6 Dr. Savithri Ravindra Professor


5 Dr. Hemalatha M. Professor

7 Dr. Suja Ajoy Kumar Asso. Prof

8 Dr. Thejasvi Krishnamurthy.

9 Dr. Sruthi Prasad Asso. Prof

10 Dr. Manjula C.P. Asso. Prof

11 Dr. Chethana Mannem Asso. Prof

12 Dr. Madhu Priya Asst. Prof

13 Dr. Anagha Joshi Blood Bank

14 Dr. Gayathri. B.R Blood Bank



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