Department of Orthopaedics

The department of Orthopaedics is involved in teaching undergraduates, postgraduates & physiotherapy students.


There are 150 undergraduates posted in Orthopaedics department. Clinicals are for 10 weeks & theory for 100 hours. They are posted for one month during internship. The department offers 6 postgraduate seats (4 M.S.Ortho., 2 D.Ortho.). There are 11 Postgraduate teachers in the department.

The department has a separate out patient wing catering to about 250 patients per day. The out patient has 8 Consultation rooms, 2 Minor O.T., 1 Plaster cutting room, 1 Plaster application room & a Demonstration hall.

The department has 100 beds with 3 teaching units. The department has a Seminar hall, Museum and  Library near the wards. The department has 3 Major O.T's for elective surgery & 1 Emergency O.T. to manage Orthopaedic Emergencies.

The department manages acute emergency & trauma. The department has all equipments for trauma surgeries, arthoplasty, arthoscopy, spinal surgeries, orthopaedic fracture table, C-arm, electric drill, pneumatic drill & all equipments required for major surgeries. Arthroplasty, Arthoroscopy, Endoscopic spine, Spine instrumentation and Illizarov surgeries are regularly performed.



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Dr. Shivananda S.



Professor & HOD




Dr. H.B. Shivakumar







Dr. Somashekar







Dr. Ravish .V.N







Dr. T.S. Channappa







Dr. Radhakrishna A.M







Dr. Jayaram B.S.









Dr. Vinodkumar A.C M.S.Ortho.







Dr. Bharath Raju G.



Asso. Professor





Dr. Yatish R.



Associate Professor





Dr. Lokesh M.



Associate Professor





Dr. Manju Jayaram



Associate Professor





Dr. Santoshkumar K.




Assistant Professor


Dr. Kiran Kumar Lect/Assistant Professor
Dr.  Vinay Kumar Gunjalli Senior Resident
Dr.Naveen Kumar.L Senior Resident
Dr. K.N Prajwal Senior Resident

The department conducts academic activities regularly. Seminars, journal clubs, subject reviews, subject symposia, clinical meetings & mortality meetings are held regularly.

Several scientific papers and research articles are published by the faculty. Nearly 15 to 20 papers/case reports are regularly presented in various academic forums, Bangalore Orthopaedic Society (BOS), Karnataka Orthopaedic Association (KOA) & Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA) conferences. The department actively participates in Bangalore Orthopaedic Society meetings. The department has conducted BOS & KOA conferences at KIMS. The department has also conducted various hands on workshops & surgical updates.

Dr. J.N.Sridhara Murthy and Dr. Somashekar, have participated in Indo-British Travel Exchange Programme in the United Kingdom in September 2006 and Novenber 2009 respectively. During this visit, they have visited centres of excellence & have been exposed to newer techniques in Orthopaedics. They have also delivered talks at these centres.

Dr. T.S. Channappa has undergone fellowship in Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Traumatology  at the Department of Orthopaedic surgery and Traumatology at the Bruderholz -  Hospital in Basel , Switzerland, in January, 2007.


Bharath Raju G., post graduate in the department from 2001-2004, and  Dr. Sathya Vamsi Krishna, postgraduate in the department from 2010 – 2013 have been awarded Gold Medal by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, for securing the highest marks in M.S. Ortho., in the year 2004 and 2013 respectively.

Dr.Karthik Subramanian, postgraduate in the department from 2011 – 2013 has secured first rank in Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, for D.Ortho., in the year 2013. In addition various awards have been presented to post graduates and faculty in Bangalore Orthopaedic Society & Karnataka Orthopaedic Association conferences.


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