Department of O.B.G

Dr. S Nirmala


Dr. R. Suvarna
Dr. N.B. Harsha
Dr. C.P.Sudha
Dr. T. Jayanthi
Dr. D.R. Savithri
Associate Professor
Dr. T.S. Savitha
Associate Professor
Dr. Shashikala   H  Gowda
Associate Professor
Dr. T Malathi
Assistant Professor
Dr. B T Veena
Assistant Professor

Dr. Sowmya K

Assistant Professor
Dr.Sowmya  K
Assistant Professor
Dr.Smitha K
Assistant Professor
Dr.Hethyshi Ranganna
Assistant Professor
Dr.Reethu Varadarajan
Assistant Professor
Dr. Yogalakshmi S.K
Senior Resident
Dr.Bondada Surya Chandrika .
Junior  Resident
Junior  Resident
Junior  Resident
Dr.Divya Nagaiah .
Junior  Resident
Dr.Manasa S
Junior  Resident
Dr.Apoorva Asranna
Junior  Resident
Dr.Tari Gopula Swathi
Junior  Resident
Dr.Akshatha S
Junior  Resident
Dr.Kriti Sahu
Junior  Resident
Dr .Pasupuleti Saranya
Junior  Resident
Dr.Kalbande Avanti Vinay
Junior  Resident
Dr. Namratha H R
Junior  Resident
Dr. Jasiya Afreen Mh
Junior  Resident
Dr. Meghana Subramanya H
Junior  Resident
Dr. Sowmya Sampurna Maddipati
Junior  Resident
Dr. Shruthi G U
Junior  Resident
Dr. Marri Anusha Deepthi
Junior  Resident
Dr. Shraddha Nemnath Kurkuri
Senior Resident
Post Graduate

M.D - 4 seats

D.G.O - 3 seats


The OBG department occupies the III Floor of the Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre.

  • Obstetric Beds 50 (Fifty)
Intensive Obstetrics -- 4
Eclampsia Ward -- 4
Septic Ward -- 3
  • Gynaecologic Beds 40 (Forty)
  • Separate OPD Sections for Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Minor OT
PPTCT Centre
Specialty Clinic

Is extremely well equipped with about 120 textbooks, and about 15 indexed national and international journals.


Is fully equipped with AV facilities including Multi Media Projector. Demonstration Room, Museum and Spacious Duty Rooms for Staff, P.G. Students, Interns and Undergraduate Students.


General Ward 3 beds, Special Wards 2 Beds --- Foetal Monitoring --- Neo Netal Resuscitation

Operation Theatres are separate for  Cesarean Section          – 1 No. Gynaecologic Surgery    – 2 Nos. Endoscopic Surgery       – 1 No. Septic Cases               -- 1No.


We have an a 100 Pro Wipro GE machine with an EV Probe.


The Department consist of 3 (Three)  Units.

Routine Undergraduate teaching i.e, Lectures and clinics are conducted in each of the units everyday. Beside this undergraduates are posted for labor ward duty, after teaching hours, when the postgraduates on duty are encouraged to teach these students. Also these  undergraduates have to assist the PG Students and interns in conducting deliveries and carrying out minor investigations and minor procedures.

Post Graduate teaching is undertaken everyday. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons are reserved for PG teachings programs and Friday afternoons are reserved for guest lectures. Allied posting –

    1. Oncology posting to Curie centre.
    2. Bangalore Kidney Foundation -- Urology
    3. Perinatal Mortality Meeting – Monthly

The staffs are encouraged to attend state, national and international conferences and every assistance and encouragement is given to make presentations at these conferences. The department staff are also very popular teachers at the annual CME for Post Graduates conducted by the Bangalore Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (BSOG).

Staff Training –

    1. Laproscopy.
    2. Ultrasound.
    3. IVF Centres.

The Interns too are involved in the teaching programs. They are expected to make short presentations during their internship. The postgraduates guide these presentations.


  • High Risk Pregnancy Clinic
  • Infertility
  • Family Planning / Counseling
  • Cancer Screening
  • Endoscopic Surgery
  • Well Woman Clinic
Department  Of   OBG
SL NO Name Designation
1 Dr. T. Jayanthi Professor & HOD
2 Dr. R. Suvarna Professor
3 Dr. D.R. Savithri Professor
4 Dr. T.S. Savitha Professor
5 Dr. Shashikala   H  Gowda Professor
6 Dr.T.Malathi Associate Prof
7 Dr. B.T.Veena Associate Prof
8 Dr.Sowmya  K Associate Prof
9 Dr.Smitha K Associate Prof
10 Dr.Hethyshi Ranganna Associate Prof
11 Dr.Reethu Varadarajan Associate Prof
12 Dr. Yogalakshmi S.K Sr.Resident
13 Dr.Smitha.K. Sr.Resident
14 Dr. Suguna Dheeraendra Bidarahalli Sr.Resident
15 Dr. Gaana Srinivas Sr.Resident
16 Dr. Puja Priyadarshini Sr.Resident
17 Dr. Karishma Talwar Sr.Resident
17 Dr. Shraddha Nemnath Kurkuri Senior Resident

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