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Histopathology Section

KIMS hospital & research Centre has a central laboratory providing 24×7 diagnostic services with utmost care and works to give reliable lab results. The Pathology laboratory was started in a small area which has now grown into a large air-conditioned fully equipped work place. The department functions to provide excellent diagnostic services along with post graduate teaching and research. Pathology laboratory is always aiming towards providing accurate and timely diagnostic services to the patients from not only south Bengaluru but from all over Karnataka and neighbouring states. The laboratory strives always to collaborate with clinical departments which provides more scope for research. There are efficient Pathologists and technical staff rendering services in all subspecialty branches of Pathology namely Haematology, Clinical Pathology, Cytopathology and Histopathology. Histopathology service is given as intra-operative investigation and also to the department of Forensic Medicine for the study of post mortem cases. Fetal and neonatal autopsies are being conducted in the pathology lab on request. Blood Bank is a section of Pathology which is providing 24hour service, is well equipped and managed by the Blood Bank Officer with well trained staff. Charges for all the investigations in pathology lab are very nominal.


HAEMATOLOGY: •24×7 laboratory services with the following facilities. •Fully automated hematology analyzer with 7part differential attached with internal and external quality assurance programmes (EQAS – AIIMS, Delhi). •Fully automated coagulometer with external quality assurance (EQAS – CMC, Vellore). •Complete hemogram and special studies whenever required. •Availability of cytochemical stains. •Bone marrow aspiration and study.

CLINICAL PATHOLOGY: •Fully automated urine analyzer providing biochemical analysis &microscopy. •All body fluid analysis (CSF, pleural and peritoneal fluids) •Semen analysis.


CYTOLOGY: •Comprehensive cytopathology screening and examination of all gynecologic and non –gynecologic specimens •Fine needle aspiration cytology •USG/CT guided aspiration done. •Semiautomated liquid based cytology instrument •Cell block techniques available •Cytochemical/special stains available


HISTOPATHOLOGY: •All the surgical specimens received are studied in detail on a grossing station and tissue bits are processed with fully automated processing instrument. •The histopathology reports are provided to the clinicians on time. •Intra – operative diagnosis is offered with frozen sections with using cryostat equipment. •Histochemical analysis with all the special stains is done. •Fluorescent microscope with both direct and indirect immunofluorescence analysis for skin lesions. •Immunohistochemistry is used as ancillary study in specific cases.


AUTOPSY PATHOLOGY: •All the organs received after postmortem are studied in detail and the results are provided to the Forensic Medicine department. •Fetal and neonatal autopsies are conducted on request by the gynecology and pediatrics departments

BLOOD BANK: •Licensed Blood bank working 24×7 is available which is efficiently managed by Blood Bank Officer and trained staff, being located in the heart of the city caters to patients of KIMS and surrounding hospitals. •Component separation available. •Apheresis is available •Large voluntary donor base comprising students of all the colleges affiliated to Rajya Vokkaligara Sangha is present. •Blood donation camps are conducted regularly.

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